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9 Industrial Pipe Shelves We Love

Industrial pipe shelving is highly functional, sturdy, and versatile complimenting a variety of interior styles. It’s no surprise that industrial pipe shelves are popping up in homes, retail stores, and hotels of all designs left and right.

We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite industrial pipe shelves as inspiration for your own space.

1. The Industrial Bathroom Shelf

These 10 inch shelves are perfect for bathroom storage and display.

2. The Industrial Pipe Corner Shelf

Corners are often overlooked as potential space for storage and display. Dare to be different with the industrial corner shelf.

3. The Hanging Pipe Laundry Room Shelf

Industrial table legs turned hanging shelf. This look is unique and fully functional for laundry room storage.

4. The Industrial Pipe Kitchen Shelf

Perfect for cups, plates, vases and more, add extra space with industrial shelving.

5. The Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

This shelving unit is made from industrial pipe table legs, perfect for books, a stereo, or living room display.

6. The Hanging Industrial Pipe Shelf

Customize your hanging shelf with unique ropes and wood. When screwed into studs, industrial pipe racks can hold up to 80 pounds.

7. The Industrial Countertop Shelf

Free up space where you didn't think it was possible with a small counter top shelf.

8. The Industrial Pipe Triangle Shelf

This intricate piece is completely unique for a modern industrial look.

9. The Industrial Pipe Corner Book Shelf

We saved the best for last. This is our all time favorite industrial pipe shelf!

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