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How to Build an Industrial 

Floating Shelf 

6 Inch Industrial Shelf Hardware

Step 1 : Tools & Materials:

  • Power drill

  • Tape measure

  • Level

  • Pencil/pen

  • Six Inch Industrial Pipe Shelf Hardware/ Bracket set from

  • Screws. I specifically used wood screws in this example because I screwed the shelf into wood. Be sure to buy the appropriate screws. For example, drywall screws for drywall, concrete screws for concrete etc.

  • Shelf - The wood used here is 6 inches wide and approx. 26 inches long. Feel free to get creative with the material and length of the shelf. The hardware is 6 inches long, so be sure to use something that is 5.75 - 6 inches wide.

Step 2: Clean and Prepare

Clean any residue or grease left on the industrial pipe hardware with any household degreasing product and rag.

Step 3:

Find the exact spot where you would like your shelf to go. Place the flange on the wall and trace either the outline or screw holes. Using your tape measure and level, ensure that when the hardware is mounted in this place, the shelf is going to be straight and level.

Step 4:

Finish and protect the wood and industrial pipe hardware: For this example, the wood we used for the shelf already came painted black. The industrial pipe hardware is made from raw, black, malleable Iron. It is heavy duty and definitely industrial quality, but because it is left raw, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND protecting it. You have lot of different options to finish and protect the hardware, including paint, powder coat, patina, or clear coat. We chose to spray paint the hardware with “Rust-O-leum 2x ultra cover paint + primer” in their flat black color option.

Step 5: 

Place the flange against the wall and pre-drill holes where the screws will go. Then, place your screw in the hole and tighten until secure.

Step 6:

Align the pipes with the flanges and twist to screw them into place. Once these are stable, place the shelf on the pipe and then secure the shelf by screwing on the caps. Adjust the shelf to make sure the pipes sit evenly on each side. The good thing about using this hardware is that you have the ability to loosen up or tighten the cap on the end of the pipes if your shelf cuts are a bit off.

Step 7:

Double check for stability and decorate.

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